Services for Individuals

Notarial Services

Document authentication, witnessing signatures & affidavits.

For Businesses

We also offer comprehensive legal services for businesses.


Solicitors and legal services for individuals

We have a specialist Employment team to support individuals who need help and decisive support about employment problems. Some of the questions we are frequently asked about include:

  • I have been sacked from work for being late - is this unfair dismissal?
  • My company has just announced large job losses. People who have just joined who are not as experienced as me are being kept on. Can they do that?
  • How much redundancy pay will I get?
  • I have been forced to leave my job due to harassment - what can I do?
  • I have been turned down for a job because I am disabled - what are my rights?
  • What are my current maternity rights?

If you wish to make an appointment, or ask us a question please contact us.