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Notarial Services

Document authentication, witnessing signatures & affidavits.

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We also offer comprehensive legal services for businesses.

Notarial Services

Solicitors and legal services for individuals

A notary is a lawyer who is specifically qualified to verify legal documents creating or affecting rights, duties and obligations outside the UK. A notary is also required in international transactions or litigation proceedings in a foreign court.

How we can help:

  • I am buying a property abroad and I have been told that I need to have documents notarised.
  • My father has died abroad and I need to have probate documents authenticated by a notary.
  • I have to sign documents that are needed abroad and my identification and signature need to be verified by a notary.
  • I am a foreign citizen living in the UK and I would like to claim my country's pension, I need to have my identification verified by a notary.

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