Services for Individuals

Notarial Services

Document authentication, witnessing signatures & affidavits.

For Businesses

We also offer comprehensive legal services for businesses.

Dispute Management & Civil Litigation

Solicitors and legal services for individuals

We have a specialist Civil Litigation team to support individuals who need help and decisive support. Some of the questions we are frequently asked about include:

  • My husband passed away and has made no provision for me in his will. Can I contest it?
  • I helped my partner buy our home but it is in his/her name. What can I do?
  • My neighbours say I have built on their land. Are they right?
  • The company renting my factory is not paying rent. How do I get them out?
  • Our surveyor said there was no problem with the property and we went ahead and bought it. Now we have cracks appearing all over the house. Can we sue him?
  • Our new car has a number of defects. Can I reject it and demand my money back?
  • I bought a computer two months ago which is not working properly. Am I entitled to a refund?

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