COVID 19 Update

During the present public emergency, the offices of Wood Sherwood LLP will be closed to members of the public except in the case of pre-arranged appointments, where considered necessary. Essential staff are continuing to work from the office, whilst others are working remotely, in order to provide a full range of services to our clients.

For the time being and until further notice, we will not be able to visit any individual or care home out of the office because of the risk of infection for our staff and our most vulnerable clients We remain happy to discuss matters with clients by telephone and to take instructions and will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Please continue to contact us using the details at the foot of this page. In addition, in order to discuss an appointment or delivery of documents, please ring 01759 302791

Dispute Management & Civil Litigation

Solicitors and legal services for individuals

We have a specialist Civil Litigation team to support individuals who need help and decisive support. Some of the questions we are frequently asked about include:

  • My husband passed away and has made no provision for me in his will. Can I contest it?
  • I helped my partner buy our home but it is in his/her name. What can I do?
  • My neighbours say I have built on their land. Are they right?
  • The company renting my factory is not paying rent. How do I get them out?
  • Our surveyor said there was no problem with the property and we went ahead and bought it. Now we have cracks appearing all over the house. Can we sue him?
  • Our new car has a number of defects. Can I reject it and demand my money back?
  • I bought a computer two months ago which is not working properly. Am I entitled to a refund?

If you wish to make an appointment, or ask us a question please contact us.